Let Men Chase You

Let him chase you

Let him chase you

The best advice for women is let men chase you that like you as this is what they enjoy is the thrill of the chase involving a woman that they are attracted to. If a man is not attracted to you then you may as well forget him as you will not be able to keep him. Initially a man has to be attracted to you, and if he is not then he never will be unless possibly you make dramatic changes to yourself. Or years later you bump into each other and both have gone through changes well yes that is where the possibilities lay but in the present moment it won’t happen and you will only be wasting your time.

So why bother chasing a man that is not into you, my best advice is to let go and rather let men chase you that are attracted to you. Initially men get attracted to women via sexual attraction that is the first step of attraction, and as we are all very unique there are males that will find you attractive, as men love women in different shapes and sizes so you have nothing to worry about except to add to your allure is the following so read and take note and use it to your advantage to get men to chase you.

Men will chase you when you are confident….

That is true if you have a certain confidence about you then this is very appealing to men, confidence does show in the way you walk, and of course your posture, your mannerisms and of course your voice all invoke a confidence so think confidence and you will start to feel confidence and then presto it will ooze straight out of you. Believe that you have the confidence to attract and you will and the men will chase you cause they will be attracted to you. So of course you give the man signals such as a smile, or a certain look that you are attracted to them in return then let them chase you. That is all part of the fun for a man to capture a woman that he is attracted to.

Men will chase you when you display a happy disposition….

When you display a happy disposition this will be seen as attractive by the opposite sex, you come across as a person that knows how to smile, can laugh, and has a positive outlook so have a happy disposition about yourself.

Men will chase you when you are feminine….

That is true men just love a feminine woman that knows how to dress to highlight her features and assets that are not over exposed or over done, the fragrance she wears, the feminine underwear, and of course what comes out of your mouth i.e. no swearing or bad mouthing others, men love a woman that is the epitomy of femininity in all its forms. So create your own feminine essence that is your mark for the feminine you! This is easily achieved by believing that you are a remarkable and unique woman that is in a class of her own!

Men will chase you when you have some mystique about you….

Men love women that allow themselves to have a bit of mystique about them, this is where you do not divulge too much about yourself, rather bits and pieces, and not fully detailed, same as when he calls you, and asks where you have been, you tell them that you were out and about, of course they will be curious and want to know more and they will seek so be smart and do not spill everything out on a platter for him rather let him, get the information out of you bit by bit its fun and of course a challenge to him, you will become more interesting to him, and he will want to know you more and he will chase you to get to know you!

Men will chase you when you treat them with respect…..

Yes men love to be appreciated and respected so if you are a woman that shows respect and appreciation, and show that they are a man of worth, a man just loves this, as you are making him feel that he is a man of substance a man of worth, and he will chase you all the more as he will want you for simply appreciating the man that he is.

Men will chase you when you enjoy sex….

Of course after a relationship has been established a man does want to know that he has a woman that enjoys sex with him and on a regular basis, and when he wants it, men do have an appetite for sex and they become stayers rather than strayers if they have a woman that enjoys having sexual romps with them on a regular basis. He will chase you and want you all the more as he has found someone that can match his libido and more so when he hears you moan and groan from all the pleasure he is giving you well he will feel that he is on a winning streak with you, every man wants to know and be reassured that they are doing it for you. This makes them feel that they are a stud for you and you only, they will not look elsewhere if you can appreciate the stud in him.

Men will chase you when you are honest loyal and sincere….

Those qualities we seek in men, they also seek in us if you have those qualities and you are genuinely there for him rather than his bank account then he will chase you to make him yours. Men appreciate a woman and desire a woman that is honest, loyal and sincere, they know that they can have them as their best friend! And a woman that can respect her man and not leach him dry of his pay packet each week is very appreciated and respected. A man will want to do more for a woman that does not demand, expect and take take take! He does not want to be your meal ticket, rather he wants to become your friend, lover, partner and companion for life!

Men will chase you when you are true to you….

The more you can appreciate yourself and respect yourself and stand your ground, and show that you are a resourceful person that has a mind, has goals and dreams and passions, interests etc makes you an interesting person indeed. The more you have an active life happening for yourself the more happier you will be, and of course men appreciate a woman that is like this. After all you want a man that is out there doing things with his life don’t you????

In conclusion

Men will always enjoy the chase as that is part of the fun and allure of capturing a woman. In the past men were the hunters and to this day they still enjoy the hunt. So if you are smart and want a man that does love you, then you will know as he will chase you, but if you chase him all I can add to that is that you will chase him away.

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