Know Your Self Worth In A Relationship

What every woman should know and value is how important she is in a relationship. Know your self worth!

What is essential to a successful life is to have a great sense of self worth. Most often times we base our self worth on other people’s opinions. This is not a healthy way to rate your self worth at all. So do get to know your self worth.

Know your self worth in a relationship

Know your self worth in a relationship

Self worth is based on self “VALUE”  so how much do you value yourself? Regardless of what others possibly think about you, or what job you have, regardless of what car you drive, or what happens along the journey of life, how do you rate your self worth as a person? 

It is being able to value yourself as a person and be proud of your achievements in what ever you are doing. Knowing that you are a person of worth is what you need to know for yourself and not judge it on other people’s opinions of you.

Many of us can become co-dependent upon our partners or totally dependent upon their financial position or dependent on others to make our world turn around.

When we are proud of ourselves, can stand up for ourselves and rely upon ourselves to create our own happiness and success in life this is when we are valuing our self worth.

”What every woman should know that when she is in a relationship that her self worth is valuable to her and she must nurture and let it shine and grow.

Do not allow a man to take it away from you with his pains of his own short comings.

Establish healthy boundaries in the relationship where you expect to be treated with respect, understanding, caring and love make sure you also reciprocate these qualities yourself.”

If you need someone else to complete you, then you have no self worth. When we are children we were raised to be dependent rather than independent.

We are also under the illusion that life is about getting married and having children as this will bring us happiness. Yes this is true to a point. It is what you bring into your relationship that makes it a success.

Self worth thrives on independence, individuality, and being a caring, loving person to yourself!

What is important is you do not let others define the direction of your life, if you are a female then work on being capable without a man, and for men work on being comfortable without a woman this will make you more attractive and stronger.

If we all could be responsible for our actions, and thought of the consequences of our desires, and we were able to accept the reality of life, and were able to value and create opinions of our own and others then we are on the way to building up our self worth, which all adds up to you being a valuable asset to society as a whole. Not only will you benefit in personal relationships, but it will hold you in good stead within your job or career.

The more you choose to value yourself for the human being that you are, seeking the positive and healing the negatives within you, this will make you a much happier person that is living on this planet called earth.

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