Inspired Woman – The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Become The Inspired Woman To Reap The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet That All The Family Can Benefit From ….

The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Sometimes, stretching yourself for that extra mile, takes you to the places you just dreamt of. Going on an alkaline diet aptly can be the struggle that eventually leads to a healthy and fit body for an inspired woman.

Specific foods that are alkaline, such as fruits, vegetables, roots and legumes, leave behind an alkaline residue, or ash within the body.

The inspired woman enjoys the benefits of an alkaline diet...

The inspired woman enjoys the benefits of an alkaline diet…

Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper are minerals and they enrich the body. It is proven that an alkaline diet can prevent obesity, fatigue, allergies and even cancer.

So is it beneficial to partake of an alkaline diet. Here, are 10 tips for successfully following the alkaline diet.

 1. Water - Drink plenty of water as this is the most critical element of your body besides oxygen. Hydrating the body is very important, as the body chemistry is affected by the water content. It is best to drink cleaned and filtered water up to eight to ten glasses a day to keep your body well hydrated.
 2. Acidic Beverages - By avoiding acidic drinks such as tea, coffee or soda, it is easier for the body to remain more alkaline.

Being aware that the body rejects carbon dioxide as a waste, it is not necessary to add more by consuming carbonated drinks.

 3. Breathe - A sufficient supply of oxygen to body is required for it to function at its best. To add more oxygen into your body you can take deep breaths for two to five minutes. If you can do Yoga, nothing is better.
 4. Preservatives and Colors - Do your best to avoid foods with preservatives and that have colors, your body isnt designed to process these chemicals, therefore the body will eliminate them or store them away as fat so no harm is done to the body.

These chemicals are acid producing for the body to neutralize them it produces either cholesterols, or bleaches iron from the RBCs which can lead to anemia or possibly removes calcium from your bones causing osteoporosis.

 5. Avoid artificial Sweeteners - These sweeteners that make tall claims of low fat, actually end up harming the body. It has been known that saccharin which is a component of sweeteners can cause cancer.

It is best not to consume these goods. Aim for a healthy diet and have less sweets.
 6. Exercise - There should always be a balance between the alkaline and the acidic content. It's not just about eating alkaline food.

A little bit of acid (due to muscles) always balances the normal functioning of the body.

 7. Snacks - Whenever we feel hungry we get an urge to snack usually we eat junk food, but it is better to eat vegetables or soaked nuts. Develop a habit of eating raw vegetables, or almonds, maybe walnut.

 8. Eat the right mix of food – Carbohydrates fats and proteins require a different environment, when they are digested. That is do not eat all of these at the one time. Figure out the content of the food you are eating, and mix them properly to get the right mix of all the nutrients.

 9. Greens - Green powders can be used to substitute food, as they have a high alkaline content which will invigorate the body.

 10. Stress - It is healthy to avoid stress, you can do this by remaining calm and composed, also maintain healthy sleep patterns.

The digestive system is controlled by the mind, and will function properly when you are in a calm and composed state.

"So, become the inspired woman, relax and thus stay healthy".  

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