I Want A Boyfriend That Will Love Me

Of course we all want to love and be loved by that special someone. No doubt you have said yourself that “I want a boyfriend that will love me”. What woman hasn’t as no doubt in your past you could have had a boyfriend where you found out that he never loved you, or really was not into you. This no doubt did hurt your feelings and this time round your really want a boyfriend that will love you for you!

What it takes to get a boyfriend to love you

You need to be a person that can appreciate, respect, care and love yourself for who you are, rather than hate or dislike aspects of yourself. The more you can accept and love who you are the easier it will be to find a boyfriend that will love you for you. What every person should realize to love someone you have to be able to love yourself enough to love others. To be selfish enough to realize that you are a valuable person and that you are worthy of being loved, acknowledging your values and your gifts are all part and parcel of who you are.

When you can embrace the good and the bad of who you are and strive to make changes in whatever needs to change which in essence becomes personal growth. So embrace the change in you.

What a boyfriend wants…

You need to have confidence in who you are as a person, a positive attitude and outlook on life. You need to also have a happy disposition about yourself a great sense of humor, and above all be yourself! When you exude confidence it changes the way you walk the way you talk and the way you present yourself. You would naturally take better care of yourself and the way you look! Confidence gives you the get up and go that you have it all and it does show for all to see!

What a boyfriend wants ….

Is a girlfriend that he can trust that will be loyal to him, and does not go out of her way to make him jealous by talking about her ex’s or pointing out other guys that look great! He knows that there are better than him but he wants to be reassured that you are happy with him and who he is as a person. That you do value him and you can show this simply by showing him appreciation and respect.

What a boyfriend wants….

Is a girlfriend that is feminine and has a great smile and revels in her sensuality, that she is all woman and she knows it! So the more feminine you are the more he will treasure that in you, every man wants a woman to be a woman.

What a boyfriend wants….

Is a girlfriend that has intelligence and can have interesting conversations with him, that she listens to what he has to say, and can understand where he is coming from. A woman that he can laugh with and she can become his best friend where his mates will take second place as he prefers to be with her because she is fun, interesting, witty and intelligent.

What a boyfriend wants….

Is a girlfriend that will enjoy his passions well at least take an interest in them and enjoy them with him. A woman that will go sky diving with him, or skiing, or canoeing, hiking, a woman that enjoys adventures as much as he does! So by enjoying his passions he will love you that much more as he knows you enjoy spending time with him and you do not begrudge him his passions rather you support them instead.

What a boyfriend wants….

Is a girlfriend that is not clingy and does not want to know his wear abouts  every second of each day that she can trust him enough to go about his day and give her a call to tell her that he had a great day, rather than feeling he is forever being hunted down by a jealous and insecure woman. He would want you to have your time out where you enjoy doing the things you love and have a life apart from his this tells him that you are a person that is independent and do not rely upon him to make your world turn around.

What a boyfriend wants….

Is to spoil and pamper his girlfriend from time to time, just to say hey I care for you and love you, so of course allow this to happen, no doubt you do enjoy being independent but also let him spoil you from time to time. Men love to spoil and pamper a woman that they love and care for this is his way of saying to you I am the man for you, I look after you and I want to make you happy!

What a boyfriend wants….

Is a woman that will enjoy having sex with him, has a passion and a lust for it, that she knows how to spoil him, of course he will want to spoil you, but every man also would love to be spoiled behind closed doors, the more you show him that you are sexy and confident the more he will adore you and you will become his one and only and he will not be interested in others as he has got all he wants from you!

In conclusion

For every female that does want a boyfriend as long as she has the above it will be easy for her to get a boyfriend and keep him, it is these qualities that men seek time after time, as men are simple creatures and all they really want is a woman that will love them for them, understand them, appreciate them, and respect them. If you can do all that then he will love you forever! It is that simple!

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