How To Win Your Ex Back

Still Love Your Ex? Want To Know How To Win Your Ex Back Then read on…

get ex backWhenever a break up happens we can all experience matters of the heart, where we feel it will break in two. We have our regrets, experience sorrow and sadness, and sometimes we realize we love our ex more than ever. We think on how to win your ex back so you can regain your lost love back into your life.

Well we have some great ideas and ways to help you achieve a positive outcome in winning your ex back.

1. Self questioning

You do really have to ask yourself certain questions and answer them honestly as you possibly can. The reason why you want to get your ex back is because you are bored or you have had enough of being single? Or you just want to see if you can get him back for vanities sake.

Make sure it is for the right reason i.e. you find that you do still love him, and that you are into him. Also you do need to consider, was the relationship a healthy one, as it is so much easier to remember all the good times, and forget the bad and the ugly. Do your best to get a true picture of why you want to get with your ex.

2. Your responses to question 1

If you are choosing to get back with your ex for the right reasons then go for it. You could get the ball rolling by being very casual about everything, such as sending them a text to say “Hi, hope all is going well for you in your world” or “Hi, how are you?” If you get a positive response back then you know you have been given the green light to go further ahead.

3. Is he still single?

Prior to asking your ex to see you again, you will need to know his status, sometimes this will not show on their Facebook but you can check his profile out to see if he has put up pics with a new woman. Or another option is to be more direct such as sending them an e-mail, you could make general inquiries about old mutual friends and then you can lead it to his personal life.

4. His response

No doubt you are getting the thumbs up that he is still single, so you can now put forward to him that it would be great to catch up over a coffee, this leaves it on a neutral level with no great expectations from either, after all you are choosing to meet as friends again. You could also choose a place that you both used to go to often as this will help trigger memories of the past.

5. The coffee meet

You are about to see each other again and are meeting up for coffee, during this event remember to be yourself, casually reminisce about any romantic, funny or happy times that you spent together, and you could also mention how it was when you both first met.

It will reignite any true feelings you had then. You could also be subtle in the way you make any physical contact, such as letting your knees touch his under the table do take note if he pulls away or simply relaxes into you if he does then you know you are on track again.

6. Memory lane

You are getting all excited and happy that things are looking up between you, but you do need to remember why things did not work out in the first place so do look for clues that will indicate that things are different and he has gone through change. You seriously do not want to get back with someone if there has been no change. So take it easy do not rush back in better to go slow, and trust your gut instinct!


When we are single again and wanting to win an ex back it can be difficult in more ways than one, but simply being honest with yourself why you want to get them back is the best move you can make, this then will make any efforts in winning him back all worthwhile if the intentions are for the right reasons.


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