How To Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex back but do you REALLY want him?

When you are in a relationship and it ends you can feel that it is the end of the world and your heart has been broken to pieces. You become very emotional and vulnerable. If you have just experienced this then no doubt you would be pining to get back with your ex again.

How to get your ex back

How to get your ex back

You are so emotional about this that you tried talking to your friends about it sure they listened but could not give you the advice that you needed in how to get your ex back

Furthermore you find that you are not really dealing with things so well at the moment. Therefore it is important that you do your best to pull yourself together and realize that is the best thing that you can do for yourself

What is really good for you to do prior to trying to get your ex back is to take some time out, to try and get a better understanding as to why every thing turned out the way it did.

Also consider  whose fault it is and who is to blame for it that it all turned out this way in the long run and really have a good think in regard to the questions listed below.

The questions are:

  • For what reason do you want to get back together with your ex?
  • Do you want to get your ex back only for the simple fact you want to know that you can get him back?
  • Is it because you cannot stand being dumped, that's why you want to get your ex back?
  • You do not want them to be with anybody else?
  • Or is it for other reasons?

What the issue is here that I am trying to point out to you is that if you do still love him or her then go ahead and try and win your ex back If you have other reasons for getting them back then it is better that you give up and not bother.

Ways to get ex back

Now that you are genuine in your quest in getting your ex back then it is important that you do follow these great tips which will help you get them back.

1. No contact

After a break up it is best to have no contact for up to two weeks, this gives both parties time to think and realize whether they still have feelings or they are no longer wanting to ever get back with someone. Also by not contacting them they will become mystified as to why you are not bothering with them and then they will think possibly you were not into them and will be curious to know what is happening in your life and no doubt get in touch with you.

2. Self Esteem

Rather than moping around the house, do start re-establish your self esteem levels, do realize that you are a worthy person, and this happened for a reason, do some homework on yourself, such as what factors did you contribute to the breakup of the relationship etc. How can you improve on yourself to become a better partner to have a healthier relationship.

3. Start living

This is important now that you are single sure it does hurt that you have been dumped but deal with your emotional pain the best way you can by having a positive attitude. You had a life before you met you can have a life after you have broken up. Life is for living, feel grateful that you did meet this person and you had some great times together. If you are meant to get back with each other you will, if you don’t there is another great man out there waiting to give love and be loved by you.

4. Self Improvement

Why not consider upgrading your appearance this will make you feel good about yourself, you can get a new wardrobe of clothes, change or color your hair, wear perfume to bring your feminine side out, have positive thoughts that you are beautiful inside and out, that you love who you see in the mirror THAT’S YOU!.

Treasure who you are, when you do this you will truly start to see the wonder of you, and what a great person you really are. Maybe this is why the break up occurred, so you can start to value yourself more, therefore being able to stand your ground in a relationship and get more of what you want rather than being a man pleaser.

5. The big picture

If your ex really does love you, and you love him, then there is a great chance that all will come together for you both, if you keep focusing on a positive outcome regardless which way it goes, then you will get what you want out of life.

There is no need to bad mouth your ex, it is far better to acknowledge that you did have some good times and of course there were bad times. This is where you really have to think if there were too many bad times why? And do you want more of them? Of course not.

So when you do meet up again, do look for change in your ex, and do take it slowly to re establish the relationship after all this will give you time to think whether this is what you really want.


So stay positive understand a breakup is all about a shakeup in a relationship, it happened for a reason look deep into why? This will give you the answers that you are looking for. Do understand this quote

“If you love it set it free, if it comes back it is yours if it doesn’t it never was”


How to get your ex back

How to get your ex back


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