How To Get True Beauty

Everybody will perceive  true beauty differently. Some would understand that true beauty is on the outside where there are many others who would see it as something that is found on the inside.

True beauty

True beauty

For me I see it as true beauty from within will shine true beauty on to the outer. Inner beauty basically means being a totally good person and expressing grace from within through kind, honest and caring ways.

Also it is a well known fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So how can we get true beauty you may ask. Well it is simple really. By appreciating and loving who you are is a starter. It does not matter, whether you are big or thin, short or fat, and all the other physical stuff in between. What does matter is the beautiful inner you that is tucked away.

How to get true beauty

1. Self love

When you start to appreciate who you are and accept with grace what you look like and love all parts of you, this is where true beauty starts to unfold. Knowing that you are lovable as who you are will help you appreciate and love others in return. This helps you develop inner beauty.

2. Honesty

When you choose to be honest with yourself and with others this will reflect as a true beauty, as you can embrace all your faults and flaws without criticism and you will able to work on those that need improvement which in turn becomes self growth.

3. Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude for all beings great and small and being grateful for all that you have will help you become a true beauty. This all will reflect to the world that you are a humble and generous soul of great thoughts and great deeds. Learning to love what you have been blessed with is the key to life.

4. Appearance.

What is very important that you do look after your physical appearance, that means having a daily shower, brushing your teeth, having clean fresh well pressed clothes on that do match and clean underwear. Hair that is clean and shiny is also a reflection of beauty.

Making sure that you do eat a well balanced diet will also make you have a healthier appearance not only to your skin but your body as well. In a nutshell maintain your appearance. True inner beauty shines through make-up, fancy clothes, flawless hair, polished nails and classy shoes. Once you discover and find your true inner beauty your life has virtually just begun.


The best cause of action for you to have and attain true beauty is to take charge of yourself and have confidence in who you are. So when you do wake up in the morning do look in the mirror, observe and see your true beauty that comes from within you and do make sure that you do tell yourself how beautiful you are.










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