How To Dance And Turn Him On

Learn How To Lap Dance And Turn Him ON!

Lap dancing turns him on!

Lap dancing turns him on!

There are many ways in which you can dance and turn him on where he will really want you. Whether you have just met him this is where you just give him a small sample of what you are capable of, or you are in a relationship with him, or you have been together for a long time. Do a lap dance and do the moves  that you can do and which ever one you pick you cannot go wrong as each one of these dances will turn him on. Of course you need to be prepared to handle what comes later. So only do these dances if you are up to the challenge after the turn on!

Listed below are the various lap dances that you can pick from. It is all part of teasing him that will lead to you becoming a legend in his eyes. You also do not need to do hours of dancing in front of him, do more than enough to get his attention to turn him on! So practice these moves in front of a mirror with some great music so you can perfect them!

Grinding circle

This is where you will need to stand about two feet from your partner, and your feet are slightly more than hip width apart and your toes turned out. Then proceed to draw a circle with your hips and make sure that you arch your back, then slowly proceed to bend your knees and grind down as far as you can where you find it comfortable to do so, then go up again all the time circulating your hips and dancing erotically. What is important when doing this is that your back is arched and is upright all the time.  Also use your arms and hands to create more erotic moves.

The Turn

Lap dancing involves showing off all your assets, so do remember to turn around occasionally, and for the best effect you need to turn slowly, so work out which way to turn that is more natural to you. And there is no need for great concern on how you do it as long as you take those small steps and your aim is to make the turn blend into and become all part of your dance, and keep those hips circling and do your arm movements, keep your gaze on your lover as you do this dance.

Slap and tickle

This is where you turn your back on him and with your legs straight you bend forward slightly,  and look back at him with a teasing stare, you can either stroke or lightly slap your bottom. This will definitely make him smile, and while you still have your back to him you can gently sway from your ankles, opening your legs ever so gradually, then proceed to slowly bend over where your bottom is pointing at him, bend one knee to the side and straighten the other out to the other side, glide your hand up the straight leg and raise your head to look at him from your other shoulder. Slap your bottom hard, and repeat all this for the other side!

The Lap Dance Grind

This is where you can dance into the triangle that your lovers legs have created and stand with your back to him and your feet are together. Do make sure that you are as close to his chair as possible, then proceed to bend your knees, and do keep your back straight, and put your hands on his knees, proceed to lower your bottom toward his lap so that you can just feel his crotch on your skin. Then keep your hands on his knees for that support, and proceed to grind down gently and moving your hips in a circular or forward and backward motion, and at the same time do look over your shoulder at your man while you are doing all this. It is on the tricky side, do make sure that you do not hurt his groin.

The breast stroke

Every woman will create her own personal scent that will gather between her breast regardless of her size or what perfume she is wearing which makes it a great aphrodisiac. So move up close into the space between his knees and standing with your legs straight, gently lean forward and do place a hand on either side of the chair. Once you do have a firm hold, push your breasts toward his face where his nose will end up nestling in your cleavage. And if you want to add that much more you can brush his nose with your bra or nipple, just keep the moves provocative throughout the whole dance.

Knee Strokes

This is where you will need to stand between his legs and get as close as possible to the chair then place your knees in the space between his crotch and the edge of the chair, then apply gentle pressure against his groin with your knees. Then lean toward him and blow gently into his ear or on his face. You could even exchange mouthfuls of alcohol or pour alcohol from your nipples into his mouth. What you could also do is stand up facing your lover, then catch one of his knees in your knees and gently rub up and down his thigh. He will thoroughly enjoy the sensations from this.

The body slide

This is where you will need to stand between your lovers thighs, lean forward and proceed to put your hands on the back of his chair for support, then put one knee on each of his thighs and lift your torso, and slide your knees into the space in front of his crotch and slide slowly all the way down his body until you are kneeling on the floor in front of him. And to get yourself off the floor, proceed to use his knees to support you while you sexily stand up again, bring your bottom up first, and flick your hair into his face as you raise your upper body.

In conclusion

So there we have it the great moves that will turn him on time and again as you do your personal dance all for him. He will love you for teasing him to the point where he will be filled with passion and lust for you!

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