How To Control Anxiety

 Any one of us can experience frightening or anxious moments through out our lives. When you experience anxiety and can become detrimental to you as it can stop you from living a productive and normal life.

There are natural ways on how to control anxiety

There are natural ways on how to control anxiety

Of course it is important that you always do seek professional help if you find that it is becoming more than you can deal with.

Here we list ten self help strategies that will assist you in helping to control your anxiety.

1. Prone to anxiety?

When you suffer from anxiety you are left with two choices, you can give in to it or you can learn to live with it. When you choose to give in to it everybody else who is close to you will be affected by it and will suffer from the burden of your fears so to make everybody elses life easier and your own do make a choice to take responsibility for your affliction and know that you have the choice to heal and control your condition.

2. Keep busy

This is important when you choose to be busy doing something, almost anything, this will help you with your anxiety. If you choose not to all that happens is the anxiety will continue to grow. So keep busy as sitting around and thinking constantly about your worries will not make them go away at all.

So choose of this moment to start to get busy, and when you wake up tomorrow and any other day just keep yourself busy. Not only will you start living life, but there will be less time for you to focus on the negative.

3. When experiencing anxiety

When this happens  then you can focus your attention of where the feeling of anxiousness is within your body and do keep your attention there until this feeling moves or dissolves. As an example you could be experiencing  the feeling in your neck, arms, back etc so keep focusing on this part and if your mind wanders bring it back to focus on the body part that is experiencing it. By doing this for a duration of five to ten minutes, will help reduce and possibly eliminate the anxiety.

4. Talk about your anxiety

When you choose to talk about your anxiety to someone it can assist you in overcoming your anxiety. There are internet chat rooms that you can visit or you can talk to family and friends or seek professional counselling. Another thing that you can do is write it all down on paper this will help you identify where it is coming from also.

5. Exercise

When you choose to do exercise such as walking, yoga or visiting a gym, these activities all support you in helping to reduce your anxiety levels. So do try and find an exercise that is of benefit to you.

6. A gratitude journal

By choosing to have a gratitude journal this will also help you overcome your anxiety, you can start by writing down three to five things that you are grateful for. You can do this every night, it does work and it is easy. Choose to become aware of all the good that does surround you. You could also have a releasing journal where you can write all about your anxiety and any action you can take to overcome these fears.

7. Fear and faith

The opposite of faith is fear. When you become anxious, a fantastic way to get out of it is to find faith. When you start to believe that things will only get better or sometimes all it will take to get us better. What is also worth considering is that you should never underestimate the power of positive prayer or visualization as it does work profoundly so. There are many people that are using prayer and visualization to cure their conditions or ailments etc.

8. Courage

When we choose to be courageous we are allowing ourselves to overcome our fear. The unknown can always fill us with fear and this is where we can stay trapped but if we choose to have courage and step forward into the unknown then this is a positive thing to do. You would be also living life!


In all to help yourself with anxiety and panic attacks is in one essence simple, and that is to take control of your thoughts and to start to see everything in a more positive light, also choosing to incorporate a healthier lifestyle is also of benefit. But more importantly a person who does feel the need that they should seek professional help should do so.

So stick to the light when you are hardest hit. And do know that there is help out there for all who wish to seek it. Self help is a good way to start the journey to eliminate anxiety for good.


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