How To Attract Good Fortune

Good Luck Awaits You Around Every Corner

The best way to attract good luck and good fortune is to believe good luck exists. After all, luck is hardly going to knock on your door if you are rejecting that it exists. Here are a few easy tips to help you attract love into your life and have good fortune not just today but into the future.

Its easier than you think to attract luck into your life and all you need are a few basic tools:

•    A journal
•    A list of affirmations you will see every day
•    Positive people in your life

What Next To Attract Good Fortune?

People who are lucky behave, believe and act in ways that generate luck and good fortune. There is no such thing as karma, coincidence and kismet – lick is a positive attitude which generates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Listen to your hunches and your gut instinct. First impressions count for a reason! If you feel like that person you just met is going to help you find your next job go with your intuition. You will almost always find that your first impression was right!

What is an affirmation?

Ever heard of what you think is what you get? An affirmation is a short powerful statement that puts you in control of what you are thinking. It’s a positive thought pattern which helps you focus on your goals and centre yourself when things may be a little helter skelter.

When you think and repeat these thoughts, they become your reality. Affirmations become our conscious thoughts. So if you are ready to firmly declare and believe that something is true and turn your life around – you are ready to make affirmations. To keep them fresh it is best to put them around your environment. On your mirror while you brush your teeth, on the fridge or in your purse. Remind yourself and your affirmation will become your reality in no time at all.

Opportunity Knocks – Make The Most of It

When you are presented with an opportunity don’t ignore it! The universe has noticed your new attitude towards luck and is presenting you with opportunity. A chance meeting with a long lost friend, meeting people they coincidentally know – hand out your business card, networking is important and brings opportunity.

Ignore those people who tell you that you can’t – Can’t never did anything.

Don’t feel bold enough yet to approach newly made acquaintances with ideas or seek opportunities? Keep networking and build up your courage. Sometimes opportunity is simply waiting and all you have to do is take a deep breath and leap to attract good luck.

Note Down Your Opportunities

how to attract good fortuneThis you aren’t really all that lucky? Think again. Try keeping a diary of all the good fortune that comes your way. Found ten dollars hidden in your jeans pocket? Someone gave you a seat on the bus? All of this good fortune comes to us every day and if you keep a diary it’s an easy way to remind yourself just how lucky you already are. The universe will acknowledge you’re a lucky person and keep sending good fortune your way.

By focusing on good luck and good fortune and unexpected happy coincidences you will create a wealth of good vibes.   Thinking lucky will become part of your routine every day and it will follow you throughout your life.

Expect Good Fortune In Your Life

Your luck journal will help you to expect good luck and bring it into your life, but there will come a time when you may feel that there is no luck in your life. That you have run out of opportunities. This is not so, and you should remind yourself by reading your journal. Good fortune can arrive in many different ways, and it is up to us to recognize it. Lost your job? Is it your chance to start a successful home business? Your partner left you? Is there someone wonderful coming into your life? Lucky people persevere. They truly believe that luck is just around the corner.

Don’t dwell on the negative. Things can always be worse, so appreciate what you have right now, even though it may not be perfect. Use affirmations – be goal orientated to what you want and good fortune will find a way to present itself in your life. Banish the negative from your life! Put negative thoughts away – they only dent your mood anyway.




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