How Do I Save Money

It is much easier to save money than you think simply by becoming conscious of how you choose to spend your money and on what does make all the difference.

You could also open a savings account and commit to putting a certain percent of your wage into that account each week and do your best to stick to it.

Here we have some ideas for you that you can check out that will help you save your money.

1. New ways to purchase products

You can start saving by buying generic toiletries and cleaning products. These can be purchased in bulk with a group of friends that way you can split the costs again. Costco is the way to go if you choose to buy in bulk then make sure you have friends or family that are happy to go with the deal of splitting costs.

2. Save on power

By choosing to unplug your appliances such as toasters, hair dryers, computer cords, coffee pots prior to leaving your home this will all help towards saving money with your power bill. Do make sure that you always switch an appliance at the power board prior to unplugging.

3. Buy new or old?

Looking for new furniture, rather than heading off to a store to purchase brand new stuff why not go and check the internet for freebies etc. or go to  garage sales, moving sales or second hand shops. Do also check out the local community noticeboard as you might be surprised what you will find that is up for grabs or even as a freebie.

4. Library

You could join your local library, as you might be pleasantly surprised when you find that the DVD collection is stocked and up to date. So go to your local library first to see what they have prior to going to a video store.

5. Money in your pocket

It is important that you do know exactly how much money you have with you. This will help you not to overspend. Also when you need to withdraw money make sure that you use a home bank as this will help you avoid ATM fees.

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