He’s Just Not That Into You…

he's just not that into youNot Quite Sure If He's Keen? 7 Signs To Help You Figure It Out

They say that girls are guilty of sending mixed signals, but guys can really be confusing when you're trying to decide if he's just not that into you. You may be struggling with a guy who is all over you one minute and then in what feels like the blink of an eye he can't care less. Here's some help to work it out.

The truth is in his eyes

I'm not talking about that blue eyed devil your mamma always warned you about, I mean look at where his eyes go when you talk to him. If you are finding that your man is unable to maintain eye contact (of the non creepy variety) then you might consider this a warning sign. If you're on a date and he is maintaining eye contact through dinner conversation, chances are he's into you.

WARNING: Don't fly to conclusions if his eyes wander when a pretty girl walks in – guys look. If we're honest, we look too. So don't get all hot under the collar if he looks at other women occasionally. If he does it all night long and his attention wanders you may have a bit of a problem.

You're getting a lot of voicemail

Ok so once you've had a few dates, you've probably made it all the way to a home run and you want to catch up with this guy again but all you're getting is voice mail. I've got some bad news for you. He hasn't had an accident and his phone is most likely not broken – he's probably just not that into you.

Don't panic if you get voicemail a few times – I mean a man who is repeatedly avoiding your calls and letting you go to voice mail. Use your common sense – if your man has a day of meetings and you call him thirty five times you're going to come off as a stalker. Be reasonable, and if he isn't calling you back at all then you may find he's just not that into you. A man who is interested in you will call you back, even if its just to say "hey, I'm in a meeting," the important thing is that he actually calls you back in a reasonable time frame.

he's just not that into youHey Baby, How Was Your Day?

If you's calling or texting to ask how you are and he is actually interested in the answer, then he's more than likely into you. When a guy cares how you think and feel he cares about more than getting you between the sheets. If he's asking you, you're on his mind. If he isn't asking, you may find that he isn't the one for you. So if a guy is listening to you, cares about your answer and wants to know how your day was then he's into you. If he is indifferent, you may want to stop trying to chat in the middle of a game or have a think, because its possible he's just not that into you.

He secures a date well in advance

If your guy is asking you to keep Saturday night free on Tuesday, you can rest assured he is into you. He isn't waiting to see if you're free as a last minute maybe I could do better option, this is a guy who wants to make sure you're free and he gets to see you. If a guy is regularly calling you at the last minute to go on a date, you'll probably find that he just isn't that into you.

He Booty Calls You

If the only time you catch up is for good times and he's calling you at 2am on a Saturday night to see if you want to catch up, he definitely wants to be into you, but he doesn't actually care. If you do care for this guy, I'm sorry but its time to kick him to the curb. He isn't ever going to be boyfriend material. This guy went out, couldn't get lucky and decided to try his luck with you.

He’s affectionate

If the only time he wants to touch you is to initiate sex then he isn't that into you. See above. If he is touching you just because he cares, its a completely different kettle of fish. does this guy kiss you on the forehead? It's a sign of affection that screams I care about you rather than I cant wait to get you naked.

He's Pushing You For Sex

This is a funny one, and can be difficult to read. When a guy is attracted to you, you'll generally find that he struggles to keep his hands off you even when he is trying to be a gentleman. It's nice knowing you drive him a little bit nuts right? But if you are a little bit uncomfortable, he should be able to pick it and ease up, not try just that little bit harder to get you naked. When a guy respects you and is truly attracted to you he will be willing to wait for you to initiate sex, he wont want to mess things up just for a quick roll in the hay.

If you've been worried about your man and can't quite work it out, have a look at your relationship. If he's calling you back, affectionate without expecting sex and not simply booty calling you at three am all may not be lost. Sometimes people have been hurt and are slower to let themselves back into a relationship. remember we all have different expectations so don't lose the plot over a guy who may just be taking it slow. If you're a bit concerned over something, you could always try talking about it; a guy who likes you wont run a mile just because you ask a question.

What's your experience with a guy who's just not that into you?


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