HELP! I Want To Stop Feeling Jealous All The Time

Jealousy the destructive emotion

Jealousy the destructive emotion

It is normal to experience pangs of jealousy from time to time, but when you are feeling jealous about anything and everything you need help and need to learn to stop this jealousy feeling, that lurks away inside of you. Feeling jealous all the time can cause many problems in relationships and with other people. So where does feeling jealous stem from?

When we experience jealousy  it indicates that you do not love and accept your self and your life, rather you have thoughts of lack, or I don’t have or I cant have, which will imbue resentment, fear, anxiety and anger. As we experience limited beliefs about our selves this is where we will experience pangs of jealousy over others lives and what they have and what they look like etc.

It is thinking that others are better than you and more deserving etc rather than realizing it all has to do with your own thoughts of how you perceive yourself as not good enough etc. And jealousy is a strong emotion to experience within yourself. So next time you get the jealous feeling pay attention to where you are experiencing that emotion in your body and deal with it! Here we have some great ways to firstly prevent and overcome jealousy in all aspects of your life.

Acceptance is the first key

A great way to overcome or prevent jealousy is being able to accept who you are as a person and what you have in life. When you are able to accept all that is it creates a positive state of mind. The best way to start to accept yourself is to stop damaging yourself with negative thoughts and feelings, such as lamenting upon your mistakes, failures, shortcomings, defeats and fears, rather it is better to tell yourself “it is ok” more often.

Have more understanding for yourself and realize that you are not perfect and that you do have faults and flaws and weaknesses just like everybody else. So accept who you are faults and flaws and all your emotions and fears. Do take responsibility for your life and do not blame anybody for your fate or what is happening in your life. All this happens as you go about creating your thoughts, emotions with your mind.

Once you are able to accept all that is, this will make you feel empowered, therefore it shows to you that your life belongs to you. Of course this will help you to feel more at peace with yourself and circumstances. So start to believe in yourself and all your hidden talents and abilities and you will be able to achieve the impossible rather than crying over what you cant do and what you do not have.

So use the power of your mind to attract all that you want and what you would like to achieve. Do realize jealousy will disappear once you embrace and love yourself completely and unconditionally. So find your own personal mantra and repeat it on a daily basis such as I love and accept myself for who I am.

Appreciation is the second key

When you have no appreciation for all your assets, your talents, blessings, all that you are, this is when you open the door for jealousy to step through. When you can appreciate all the good the bad the ugly, this is when you are truly understanding the big picture and you can appreciate all.

Thanks is the third key

So every time you think the word “jealous” it is far better for you to look on the bright side of your life. And be thankful for all that is. So keep the word thank you in mind and use it often.

Abundance is the fourth key

The more you focus your attention on your strengths this is where you will see them expand. So get to know yourself better, and focus on all the good in you and watch it expand and experience the abundance it brings into your life. You are powerful, so only choose to have thoughts of abundance and goodness as this is a great antidote to jealousy from entering into your life.

In conclusion

It is best to embrace a peaceful mind and accept all that you are and all that is, when you do this you are living life, and you are not trapped by jealousy where it can eat you alive, there is no need to be jealous of any one for anything it is all part of a journey where we are all travelling different roads to each other, so next time you get the jealous feeling nip it in the bud, and be happy for the other person that you are jealous about, after all the more you generate the goodness in you the more you will become the shining star where others no doubt will get envious and jealous of you, fortunate for you, as you have learned that jealousy is a wasted and unnecessary emotion in all aspects of your life so say a loud good-bye to jealousy and welcome love, peace and prosperity!


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