How To Get Guys To Approach You

You can easily get guys attracted to you.

You can easily get guys attracted to you.

Women need to know that guys can be shy when wanting to approach a woman that they really like. This is where they will look for signs from you that show them that you are attracted to them and this makes it easier for them to approach you. We have ways in which we explain to you how to get guys to approach you especially when you really like them yourself. For men it takes a lot of courage to come up to a woman that they are attracted to and start a conversation with her, they fear that they could possibly be rejected and that of course hurts when we get rejected from someone that we thought we could approach. So it is important that you do give clear signals of attraction to the man you like as this will make it that much easier for him to approach you.

Ways to get a guy to approach you

If a guy looks at you once then turns again to look at you well you know that he is attracted to you, it is up to you now to show that you are attracted to him and you can do this simply with your body language such as having direct eye contact with him, with an open smile that touches your eyes. There is no need to continuously keep staring back at him and giving him that smile, rather give him a good one the first time round, and let some time pass then you can see if he is still looking and if he is give him another great smile of encouragement.

This will give him the confidence to then approach you as you have given him the indication that you are attracted to him also and it is safe to approach you as you will be responding to him. Of course it becomes a different story as we all know once we get to meet someone, we either become more attracted to them or get completely turned off by what comes out of their mouths or the tone of their voice or you find that they have a smell about them that you find repugnant to you. The same goes for males when they approach you initially they are attracted to you but when they start talking to you he possibly could find that you do nothing for him due to your voice, possibly the smell of you, or what you are saying. You do not know what will trigger more attraction or detraction from you or vice versa.

It is your appearance that counts

Men are very visual creatures therefore to become attracted to you they have to like what they see, so make sure that your appearance does look great, such as that you are neat and tidy, that you smell nice, your clothes are well pressed and the colors of your outfit suit you and that your clothes sit nicely on you and that you are not exposing more than you should be, men love it when you leave your assets covered as it gives their imagination a chance to run wild and become even more attracted to you. There is nothing more ugly than a woman wearing an ultra short skirt or dress which has a low cut top where all is hanging out, sure he will be excited and attracted  to you sexually in a big way and that is all it will ever be!

So if you are looking for boyfriend material that will want to fall in love with you and respect you, then do look the part such as very feminine in your ways, confidence with a sexiness about you, and that you know what you are wearing does it for you in more ways than one. When you have self respect this is where you will really shine as you are out to attract men that also have self respect therefore will treat a woman like a lady. No doubt you will exude this about yourself and this will keep guys that have no respect at bay, of course you will get some nasties that will still make berating comments to you as you pass them and this is simply due to the fact that they know that they cannot have you. So they will try and put you down to make you feel bad about yourself and make you lose your confidence DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU. It is best to keep your head up high and ignore them, as you know there are many great men that will intervene on your part and tell them to stop disrespecting you! Simple as that.

Simply be you

The more you are yourself when you get the chance to talk to a guy that has approached you compliments of your beautiful dazzling smile the better chances you have of him being down to earth and responsive to you, he will become comfortable with you and want to prolong the conversation. This is where you can find common grounds between you both where it will add more of a mental connection between you both. Do show your intelligence as men like women that are bright and witty and can prove that they can be mentally challenging to them. The more you allow yourself to be yourself the more he will show who he is too you therefore it makes it that much easier to get to know someone without any pretenses. So stay true to you!



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