Get A Beautiful Complexion

Only Steps Away To A Beautiful Complexion

If you are wanting to gain a beautiful complexion with a natural radiant glow you can that is right it is possible. By following a beauty routine that you incorporate into your daily life will help you achieve this. Do your best to stay vigilant and watch the amazing results unfold before your very eyes over a period of a couple of weeks.

Complexion beauty

Complexion beauty

Skin care routine that will give you this is as follows:

Remove makeup

It is vital that you do remove all your make up on a daily basis. Make sure when removing eye makeup that you do use separate cotton balls for both eyes as this stops any cross contamination from occurring. So also use a cleanser to remove any residue of make up and finish off with a cold rinse to the face. Blot off any excess moisture with a towel as this will help prevent any moisture loss, if you leave your skin wet this will cause moisture to be drawn out of the epidermis which will lead to dehydration.

After cleansing your face apply your daily moisturiser or overnight face cream.

 Face Scrubs

What is good to do once a week is a face scrub of your skin. Do use a scrub that is gentle and has microbeads in the product. The point of this is not to strip off the top layer of the epidermis but to gently clean away any dead skin cells which can make your skin look dull.

You can apply the scrub with your finger tips and and massage it in using small circular motions.

Face Massage

By getting a face massage it will benefit and improve your skin condition. You can do a face massage yourself, or you can get your partner to do it for you. What it actually does is stimulate the blood flow to the skin and on top of that it will relax your face which will give you a more youthful appearance.

Hot Water

A very good habit to get into for beautiful skin is to start drinking hot water, as this will help the liver function well, so the better it functions the better your skin. So do try and get into the habit of drinking hot water as recommended by traditional chinese medicine. And if you find it hard to do then do try and drink water that is warm instead. Also you can add a splash of lemon juice to your drinking water from time to time as this is a great way to detox your body.  At least give it a go to see if it does work for you.

Abdominal breathing exercises

Every day you can practice doing abdominal breathing for 20 breaths. This technique will help you relax and also assist your body to detoxify itself. All good breathing starts in your stomach and not in your chest. What you can do to make sure that you are breathing into your stomach is to simply put your hands on your tummy this will help you feel the fall and rise of your stomach going into a rhythm with your breathing. Breathe out through your mouth and nose, exhalation is longer and slower than inhalation.


By incorporating various ways in which you can achieve a beautiful complexion will give you a far better outcome than using creams alone. Water is a great purifier so do take this top tip into mind and start drinking water. Your skin will really look youthful and glow after you start to drink water on a regular basis. So keep your fluid intake on the up take on a daily basis. Having a wholistic approach to obtaining a beautiful complexion is the way to go.


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