Frugal – Is It Really The Enemy Of Fun?

Saving Money In Surprising Ways

Let's get something straight: Living a frugal life does not mean living on the cheap side of town! If you are being frugal, by definition you are being wise and creative with your resources and time.

Are you ready to learn how to be wise with your dollars without being boring? We don’t advocate buying cheap and cheerful – far from it. There is no point thinking that buying frugal means buying cheap and having it break in six months. We are talking about being smarter with the money you have.

Here’s how to know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. Tips on saving your hard earned dollars and getting the most out of every cent!

Minimize transportation costs

Car tire - be frugal and keep your tires well maintainedTransport can be very expensive, and the costs can sneak up on you before you realize. If you’re smart in the way you use your car, you will be saving money for very little effort.

Group errands and shopping - Can you run your errands around times you are already out going to work or school? “Batching” your travel can save you time as well as money for gas.  

The speedometer – Are you fond of accelerating? Experts say it will cost you an extra 20 cents per gallon for every five miles over 60 mph. Those savings can really add up, plus you’ll avoid a ticket! More reason than ever to be frugal…

Tires – Keep them inflated and well maintained and you can save yourself about 12 cents a gallon or 3% per mile.

Empty the trunk – Does your car double as a moving van? Every 100 pounds of additional weight is losing you fuel economy. That means you’re losing ten cents per gallon. Check your trunk and get rid of the sports gear and the extra stuff that’s weighing down your car as well as your wallet.

Keep your car in good condition – If your engine is poorly tuned it burns more gas. A new air filter can also save you up to 10% – or in monetary terms 36 cents per gallon.

Spend dimes, not dollars, on home décor

Its so easy to see something in a magazine and want to recreate it in your family home. Before you run to Ikea for a famous flatpack, consider options such as thrift stores and yard sales. Spending dimes not dollars is where your creative flair will shine like the sun and you'll be the envy of your neighbors.

Paint – a cheap and cheerful way to change your décor. You can be creative too – there are so many colors and textures out now that paint can make a big impact. Consider using patterns and lines as well to really make a difference to your décor.

Neutral is your friend – Sure a purple lounge may be in season this year but not for long. If you stick with neutral for your key pieces you will find it cheaper to update with rugs, candles, throws and accessories in fashion colors.

Check out local craft stores for interesting items to embellish painted walls; repurpose wherever you can. Mirrored glass, creative shelving ideas, murals and beads. You will be repurposing items, reducing waste and saving money.

Reduce your grocery bill and eat better, too!

Shopping at markets for vegetables can help you be more frugalIt might feel like you are forever going over budget when you shop for the groceries, but there are tips you can use here too. Being frugal with food is a great way to save money and does not mean you're going hungry.

Look for house brands – Check out house brands, they aren’t as bad as you think. Try them once or twice and you would be surprised at the money you will save simply by changing the brand you buy.

Shop at markets – you can get excellent value at farmers markets as well as the fun of searching out what you want and haggling with stall holders. Plus you know its fresh!

Don't buy prepared foods. Cut up your own fruit, vegetables and even chicken. You will save money as well as having fresher food if you buy it whole and cut it yourself.  

Clip coupons – If you’re already using or buying it clipping coupons can really make a difference to your weekly grocery bill.

Eat in – Not only will you connect with your family but you save money on take away. You can get cheap and easy dinner ideas here that won’t break your budget. If you plan your menu ahead you will know exactly what you’re eating too and have less money wasted at the grocery store.

Now what are you going to do with all that money you saved? Want some fun and budget friendly weekend ideas to do with your kids?

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