Valid Reasons Why You Do Not Want Your Ex Ex Boyfriend

Happy moments as the ex boyfriend is out of the picture for good.

Happy moments as the ex boyfriend is out of the picture for good.

You have been out of the relationship with your ex for a period of time. Sure you miss him and are feeling that possibly getting back with your ex ex boyfriend is the best thing for you, yet you know this is really not the case. You know that something is holding you back from getting back with them.

So do you follow your heart or your head. It all depends on so many things, such as why did the relationship break up and what are your real reasons in wanting to get back with an ex.

Here we have some factors that you should consider for not getting back with your ex ex boyfriend.

1. Loneliness

Do have a good think when you state that you miss him, what is it that you really miss. Possibly all you are seeking is attention and someone to talk to, then this is not a good reason to get back with your ex. When you are “missing the idea” of have a boyfriend, and not “necessarily him” this will only lead you down the same old path.

2. Boredom

You find that you have so much more free time on your hands, that you keep thinking about the relationship and you start to forget what actually went wrong with it. It is far better to put time and energy into more productive things in your life rather than thinking about the ex. You cannot consider getting back with an ex just because you are now bored. It is far better that you do things that will take your boredom away.

3. Your ex wants you back when he is lonely or drunk

Since the break up you have not heard from him, except for the fact that you received late night booty calls or drunk texts. If he only remembers you when he is drunk or on a night when he is lonely and is after some female company then do you really want someone like that back into your life. Better to forget it and move on fast.

4. You want what you cannot have

You have checked his facebook profile and have discovered that he has some new pics of himself with another girl this makes you think that he is seeing someone new. You start to experience jealousy do not mistake this for a sign of love, truth is once you have him, you will not want him again.

5. He wants what he cannot have

He may have found out that you have moved on, or that you have met someone new, he gets in touch with you to tell you that he still loves and misses you. Do remember that he is the ex and he does not want to see you happy with someone else. Do understand that his jealousy is not a sign that he still cares about you. It is his way of destroying your potential happiness with someone else.

6. Nostalgia

Of course when the relationship is over you will start to reminisce about the great times you had, as time passes you will be able to detach yourself from your ex and be able to have an honest look at the history of the relationship, this is where you will be able to see if the good outweighs the bad.

7. Fear of meeting someone new

You are considering to go back to your ex cause you are afraid to meet someone new, you think it is better to just get back with your ex. Well all the conflicts etc will still be in the old relationship as the issues were never resolved. It is better that you learn from your past dating mistakes and any new knowledge that you acquire can be put forward to the new relationship.

8. You enjoy having a breakup and then making up.

What you have discovered is that you enjoy having drama in your relationship and enjoy the breakup and the make up. You find it exhilarating but for others it could make them snap and leave you for good. So if your relationships are like a yo yo then there will never be any consistency and balance.

9. Family and friends do not want you to be with your ex

You find that whenever you mention your ex’s name they cringe, they did not want you dating your ex and made comments to you. Now that you are no longer with him you are able to understand where they were coming from. Something that you could not see when you were in the relationship.

10. Your intuition

It is important that you do listen to your gut instinct as this is your intuition speaking to you. It is far better to be honest to yourself and do consider why your gut is telling you not to go there. It is very obvious to yourself why you did break up for good with them in the first place. So do listen to your intuition not your heart. As you intuition is protecting your heart.


Breakups occur for many reasons, it could be due to miscommunications, differences of opinions, lieing, cheating , violence,  incompatible lifestyles etc. Issues in a relationship can be resolved if both parties are more than willing to resolve things peacefully.

If you are able to make up after a breakup as the issues were minor that is all fine but if they are major reasons why you chose to break up then it is wiser to keep on moving and do not look back only forward. Learn from your past relationship, value yourself as a WORTH WHILE person. Allow your confidence to soar once again and realize that not getting back with your ex is the best thing that you can do for yourself.


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