Emotional Guidance After A Breakup

Emotions running high

Emotions running high

Yes it is true that after a breakup occurs we feel like it is the end of the world and our life is turned upside down and we need emotional guidance to get us through it all. Well this is where you need to understand that the breakup did happen and it was for a reason. Breakups don’t happen for no reason, of course some people experience a breakup where they thought all was going well and kapow the ex turns around one day and casually says well its over I do not want to be with you no more. This of course comes as a great shock to the partner as they were under the impression all was smooth sailing. Wrong!

Do not make excuses

Of course after a breakup we get so worked up emotionally that we cannot function properly and we can at times feel physical pain, stressed, the tears flow each time we realize that we are no longer together with our ex. This is where the excuses start, where we grab at any thing and everything finding excuses why our ex broke up with us, we did this wrong, we did that wrong, if only, etc.

Of course in another aspect when we think of them, we get angry and rage inside that how dare they break up with you as you were so faithful, loyal and loving and you did so much for them etc. So of course a breakup puts you on such an emotional roller coaster where each day, each moment is absorbed by the breakup.

Emotional guidance to get you through a breakup that in time could lead to a make up

Unfortunately we were never given an exemption card from heartbreak and we all have had experiences of heart ache and all that goes with a break up. So what are the best ways to deal with a break up? We have the tips for you to follow and explore to your benefit as listed below:

  • Sure let the tears flow as tears cleanse the soul and it is a healing moment for you, and is a great way to release pent up emotions.
  • Now what you have to realize that the breakup happened for a reason, this is your homework you need to find quiet time, take a deep breath, relax and put pen to paper, and think what it was that caused it.
  • Now you can list all the qualities that you admired about them and also what was not that admirable about them.
  • Write down what it was that you contributed to the relationship the good the bad the ugly.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude that you had the chance to meet and experience the relationship with this person
  • What is the emotion that you really feel for this person, do you want to get them back if so for what reason, if you are seeking revenge, why what is so painful to you that you want to hurt them like they hurt you. Is it not wiser to look at them and the situation in a different light and understand there was a reason why they wanted to hurt you was possibly for you to feel their pain, but why was it instigated in the first place, were they insecure with you, were they jealous of you what was it? If that is the case you now understand that much better so you realize that they are lacking in self esteem.

The more you choose to understand the reasons why you broke up then it makes it easier to accept and understand the breakup. This of course helps you in more ways than you can imagine, rather it gives you insights, and acceptance, and you know that within yourself there could be room for change and growth. That is the beauty of it all. Of course you have not contacted each other which is all great as it has given you both the time to be apart and realize whether the breakup should lead to a permanent breakup or should it lead to a makeup.

Should I make up or leave it as a breakup

Of course if he is a great guy and genuinely does love you, he will miss you and will get in touch with you, and of course want to resolve the breakup with you. So if the person is a genuinely great person, and you do love them, and you know that they are right for you then sure let the makeup happen. The breakup was just a shakeup to make you wake up to truly appreciate and value each other now that is love!

Now if he cheated on you well do understand there is a great chance that he will do it again and again and yes again, if he disrespected you, and treated you badly then he needs help and you should let go. Some men do realize that they need help and will actively seek this help for themselves and as time passes they will come back in the hope that you are still single and will take them back because they still love you, now this guy has made change I would say give him another go so he can make up for his wrongs.

In conclusion

The best emotional guidance you will ever get is to take control of yourself and understand everything happens for a reason, now you need to explore the reason why a breakup has happened, this is where the beauty lays within a breakup as you truly are able to see why it ended as a breakup, now it is up to you to choose to grow and appreciate the breakup, even if it does not lead to a make up, as the universe no doubt has something bigger and better for you in the grand scheme of life! You just cant see it yet but you will when it happens too you!

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