Does Wealth And Money Lead To Happiness

As we are all very unique human beings everyone’s perceptions will be different, some would agree that wealth and money leads to happiness, where as there would be others that would totally disagree on this.

Wealth and money create a form of happiness

Wealth and money create a form of happiness

It is true that money cannot buy happiness but it sure does make for a more comfortable life. The truth is we all would like to be healthy, wealth and wise.

Regardless of what people say underneath it all they do wish for this. Many people think that the more money they have the more happiness life will have to offer.

Fundamentally this could be true to a degree what is necessary and needs to be understood is the whole concept of what wealth is and what happiness is and what is money mean to them.

So people do realize to experience enjoyment in life that you do require more resources. The main source is money. The need to have good and constant supply of money is vital to enjoy the many experiences in life. The real issue is how much money will make you happy? And is it possible to be happy with what wealth you have today?

Happiness and Wealth – How much do you need?

Knowing what happiness actually means to you will help you understand how much wealthy will make you happy. Simply being happy in the moment is the true secret to happiness, money always will come to you in some shape form or another. If you show happiness only when you get money in your hand and forget everything else then you are poor.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience all good things in life that do cost money that is all fine and everybody who wishes this is deserving of this, as many will set about in attaining the wealth to accommodate this. So there is no real measure on how much wealth you need to make you happy, as happiness is an in the moment experience.

Simple sources of true riches

As we live in a fast paced world, we forget to enjoy the simple gifts that are the true riches in our lives, simple things that we are healthy, strong, are in a good relationship etc having gratitude for all you have and being able to treasure all what you take for granted could reveal to you, that you have so much more to be happy about then you first ever realized.

Wealth and Money = Happiness

When wealth is experienced and the money you have is spent on doing positive things that serve you well and make you happy doing this then yes wealth and money do equate to happiness. When you hoard your wealth and constantly have issues that you do not have enough and are afraid to spend your money then no wealth and money will not bring you happiness but only misery.


As understood in many languages that the idea of having wealth is a  necessity to experience joy and happiness, this of course is just an illusion, as true happiness is already in your possession within every moment that you choose to experience this evocative feeling that can only be felt and comes from within you.

The saying “Money cannot buy you happiness but it can sure pay the bills” is so true. Happiness is something that you find within yourself, and it is the simple things in life that will trigger this feeling within you.



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