How To Deal With Emotional Pain After A Breakup

Emotional pain

Emotional pain

We can all experience such emotional pain after we have gone through a breakup and we know within ourselves that there is no return. So embrace your emotional pain and realize that this is very normal to experience and as there was a beginning and end to your relationship there is a beginning and end to your emotional pain. The more you can see that it is only for a time as time is a healer the more easier it gets to accept and embrace the emotional pain that you are experiencing.

For many people they find it so hard and difficult after a breakup, as they feel that their hearts have been ripped open, and this feeling is felt because we have made emotional connections with the other person. So when a breakup occurs we experience this heart wrenching feeling like our hearts have been ripped open.

Life is full of lessons and this is where it will help you to heal from your emotional pain, the more you can fully accept that the breakup is permanent and that it did happen for a reason, and choosing to explore the reasons why and once again accepting with grace, this is where you will experience a shift within yourself, a letting go of a journey with another that had ended for a specific reason.

Forgiveness to heal emotional pain

It is also important that if you can forgive your ex for any pain that they have inflicted upon with an open heart this of course will then enable you to feel much lighter in yourself, and as you feel this from your heart, this is where you will be able to see a bigger picture about it all, and rather than carrying a heavy broken heart, what you will be carrying is a heart that has lifted and feels light, and like you can fly again, now you can look on your ex partner with compassion and understanding, rather than in bitterness, resentment and anger and disillusionment. So no matter how hard it is to start the forgiveness process, because you will still have those raw hurting emotions, as you reflect and forgive more from the heart, you will find that it will get easier and easier and in the end you will really feel it in the heart, and dear friend this is where you will find your freedom from your emotional pain as it is not there any more! Forgiveness dissolved the emotional pain.

Set yourself free

When you have successfully forgiven, you will feel very light and free within yourself, and this is where you can really fly and become whole again, this is where your self esteem and confidence will naturally re-blossom within you, the transformation within you will be amazing, what you will find that you will be able to embrace others easily and will look forward to falling in love again. As you know that it is for a time, for a reason, it’s the journey you are travelling with someone, so next time round enjoy the journey for the length it is meant to be, after all it could be for a lifetime with the next one.

Life is so short, so do set yourself free, to live a full life, always choose to live in the present moment, and if you do you are really living life, forget the past it has gone and can never be returned, forget the future as it has not unfolded, but the present time is your life, your gift to yourself. Living this way, will set your mind free of any expectations rather you are living NOW in the present. So the more you choose to live in this moment the more you see that life has so much to offer, and your life will become very meaningful, all this understanding from experiencing a breakup, through emotional pain that it created led you to a peaceful mind!

In conclusion

When experiencing emotional pain it is best to acknowledge and embrace this pain, then simply starting the forgiveness process with baby steps it will help you heal the emotional pain, and set you free to love freely again, but you now know better next time, this is where you will also be truly able to appreciate your partner and it is all because of you experiencing emotional pain, which was set free with the one word FORGIVENESS!

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