Beautiful Complexion Tips And Advice Using Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils For Beautiful Complexion Tips And Great Advice On How To Create Your Own Personal Blend…

Some of the world’s greatest formulas for skincare contain natural essential oils that have been added to them.

Beautiful Complexion Tips notes the essential oils must be of a therapeutic grade to be effective.

Also to benefit from the healing actions derived from the oils that are targeted for skin healing and healthy skin maintenance.

The essential oils that are of great interest for their properties that support tissue regeneration and skin’s metabolic functions.

Beautiful Complexion Tips

Beautiful complexion tips – Want beautiful skin then give nature a go using pure essential oils..

To make a personal blend using therapeutic essential oils is easy simply choosing some essential oils that relate to the needs of your skin type, and easy follow blends that you can make yourself.

What is it about essential oils that make them so suitable to the task of making skin glow?

The essential oils are natures liquid healing wonders.

Plants are considered to create their own healing potions, it all depends on the plant’s habitat for the variations, plant’s do generate new cells, also they protect themselves from oxidative radicals, and look after their own fitness just like humans do.

The essential oils are very compatible with the human’s health and well being. Many essential oils have been studied over time, there are a select few that do stand out for their unique properties for healing the skin.

Creating a personal formula using them is a simple task: just mix a small amount of essential oils with the appropriate (and therapeutic) seed or nut oils at the right concentrations, and voila! Your own highly effective skin care blend.

Carrier Oils

We will look into carrier oils also known as base oils. These are oils cold-pressed from seeds, nuts and fruit that will make up the foundation of any formula.

The carrier oils that are all natural make up to 95-98% of the blend the active ingredients that are added are the essential oils. Avocado is on the top of the list of many blends for its nutritive and hydrating properties.

Avocado is effective for dry skin, and for dry to normal skin, it should make up approx one fifth of the base.

Apricot Kernel, also highly recommended for dry-to-normal skin, or for irritated and damaged skin. Apricot can make up the entire base if you so desire.

Evening Primrose is a highly nutritive oil with a significant amount of essential fatty acids – important for building healthy tissues. You can use evening primrose oil to make up a quarter of a base.

Hazelnut oil is used in many skin care blends, it is suitable for all skin types. It can be especially useful for those with a tendency toward oily skin, as it has mildly astringent properties.

It does seem to contradict to applying oil to an oil complexion, as in the advanced medical aromatherapy texts you will find that hazelnut is the recommended base for this and you can make the base up to 100% hazelnut oil.

Perhaps the most important carrier oil to consider for mature skin is Rosehip seed – pressed from the seeds of a wild rose from South America, it contains research-validated vitamin A compounds that act like natural ‘Retin-A’.

This enhances the skin’s natural regeneration, lessening the appearance of fine lines, supporting healthy skin that may have endured sun-damage, and unifying skin coloration.

Rosehip seed should be added to your base recipe and make up one quarter.

Essential Oils

On to the essential oils – the magic active ingredients. We’ll begin with Carrot Seed, a wonderful warm, smooth and earthy essential oil with a long history in skin care.

It is very suited for skin that has lost the glow due to stress, from external environmental factors or other stresses. Carrot seed is very gentle, inexpensive, and useful for all skin types.

Rosemary (verbenone chemotype)is next which is distilled from common rosemary which grows in various regions of the world which do lead to a higher fraction of regenerative ‘ketones’ found in the oil.

The molecules do enhance metabolism and regeneration which improves the use of nutrients and removes toxins on a cellular level.

The essential oils that do simulate the effects of estrogen it has been found do support mature skin health.

Due to natural estrogen production which does lessen over time, it is these oils that will continue to provide the skin with a youthful hormonal environment.

Two oils which can be considered are Clary Sage and Sweet Fennel. These oils have been noted by various authorities as being exceptionally important for aging skin.

Clary Sage is herbaceous, soft and sweet and the aroma is considered as mildly euphoric.

Sweet Fennel aromatically is slightly stronger, and due to its anti wrinkle properties is highly recommended for every age.

It is up to you to decide which is your personal aromatic preference if you would like to include these estrogen mimicking oils.

A couple of lesser known yet highly effective skin care specialty oils are Cistus and Sea Buckthorn.

Cistus comes from the Rock Rose flower, and has astringent qualities that are great for firming the skin. Some Cistus varieties tend to have a rather medicinal aroma, but truly fine ones are sweet and alluring.

Sea Buckthorn is pleasingly sweet, and should be considered for blends for all skin types. Noted as a CO2 distillation (and not to be associated with cold pressed Sea Buckthorn carrier oil) this essential oil has a deep red color.

This does indicates high concentration of carotenes, vitamin A precursors that are vital to skin health.

The virtues of Sea Buckthorn have been hailed by users with a wide variety of skin conditions and types at every age – it is useful in very small amounts, and need only make up 1% of your recipe to enjoy its benefits.

French Lavender – Lavendula Angustifolia is the essential oil that evolved the modern aromatherapy revolution with its discovery of its healing power. Lavender is balancing, gentle and regenerative.

It may be added at any concentration to your blend. It has a sweet and floral aroma and is adored by many, if it is to sweet for you and you would like something that is more potent then Helichrysum is the alternative.

Helichrysum contains regenerative molecules unique to this plant alone, with a warmer, slightly spicy and herbaceous aroma.

Helichrysum need only be used in small amounts, and may otherwise overpower other oils aromatically ‘ otherwise, Helichrysum is very gentle, and is even called for being applied directly to the skin undiluted for acute healing needs.

Creating Your Own Blend

It is easy to create your own blend and is an enjoyable process. You will only need to add the essential oils that you would like in your blend.

You can add them in equal amounts – 10 drops of each essential oil per ounce of base oil is a perfect start.

Enjoyable as the essential oils smell so wonderful! It is difficult to stop yourself from inhaling their aroma whilst preparing a blend. Remember that therapeutic essential oils ARE potent; it is very important that your total essential oil concentration is LESS THAN 5% OF THE OVERALL MIXTURE.

This equates to 30 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. If you plan to use more than three essential oils (i.e. greater than 10 drops each of three varieties) you must limit the amount of each essential oil so that the final volume per ounce is less than 30 drops.

The essential oils that have been mentioned are found in blends for women, but they are also safe for men to use as well.

For a man to appreciate an aroma it would be the deeper, earthier essential oils such as Sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh are all noted for their therapeutic benefits for mature skin.

And for both genders including the essential oils for their aroma and their therapeutic properties is an option that is considered.

The emotional health of a person is reflected in the condition of their skin, there are benefits than smelling nice!

These oils are never to be applied to the face as they are spicier oils- cinnamon, oregano, clove and thyme, citrus oils such as lime,lemon, orange and bergamot are also not suitable for facial care, as these oils can make the skin extra sensitive to UV light.

You can get so much pleasure from creating your own personal therapeutic skin care blend all will enjoy this project from beginners to advanced practitioners alike.

You will have created a perfect blend that is suited for your skin type, and you can always adjust according to your needs as required in the future.

It is a lot of fun and is well priced on the budget rather than the high end commercial formulations.

It is important that when ever you use medicines from nature, that you are aware of your body’s responses to the essential oils and their potency.

But also important enjoy and have fun with it all. Enjoy the benefits of these beautiful complexion tips.

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