Beat A Ruddy Complexion

When you have a ruddy complexion you find that you can suffer in many ways. This can be inherited and also can be due to environmental factors. While blotchy and irritated skin may be a permanent condition, depending upon the extent of rosacea, there are ways in which you can make a ruddy complexion less noticeable, whether it be a temporary or life long dilemma.

A ruddy complexion

A ruddy complexion

Ruddy complexion

A ruddy skin has a red and irritated. Skin may also appear blotchy, or capillaries can appear broken, which will cause an underlying redness that makes it hard to conceal, but also can be embarrassing for those who suffer from this type of complexion.

If you find that your skin is uneven and has underlying redness, you could visit a dermatologist for treatment. There are some skin conditions that are not easy to treat but can be assisted with proper skin care and cosmetic application. Many skin disorders can be assisted with the right topical mediations and using preventative measures.

Over exposure to the sun, or using abrasive treatments for the skin, or acne are all contributors of a person attaining a ruddy complexion.

To assist you in identifying the possible cause of your ruddy skin you can help yourself by reading through the following.

·Is this a new condition, or has it existed for a period of time?

·Are you currently treating your skin with a new skin care system that could in effect be irritating your complexion?

·Are you currently experiencing stress as this can trigger skin care disorders?

·Are you using a quality cleanser and moisteriser on your skin morning and evening?

·Do experience excessive dryness or oiliness on your face?

·Are you overexposing your skin to the sun or ultraviolet rays?

·Do you wear a sunblock daily?

Minimizing a ruddy complexion

Once you know the cause of your ruddy complexion and treat the condition accordingly you can then proceed to conceal the redness if you desire. Do note that any type of concealing product will clog your pores, so do use a cleanser on your skin to remove any leftover cosmetic residue which could further cause drying and blotching of the complexion.

For sensitive skin with a ruddy complexion the best cosmetics to use are mineral based ones. Avoid heavy foundations and creams, which will only add to the appearance of your condition. Applying a light dusting a sheer mineral powder will help create a smooth veil of blended color without adding a chalky and dry appearance to your irritated skin. Green tinted concealers will also assist in counteracting any redness in a ruddy complexion, but do not over apply any type of concealer or foundation.

Also do use a cosmetic palette that will distract from your reddened skin. Do avoid muddy and earthen cosmetic palette, it is far better to opt for a dewy and vivid shade that is bright and full of zest to liven up your complexion which will help create an appearance of a flawless complexion.


Even though you suffer from a ruddy complexion there are effective ways that you can deal with your problem. Being able to identify the cause is very important as it will assist you in being able to deal with your ruddy skin better.

Fortunately there are many great mineral products that are available today that you can use to help you conceal your condition. So do spend some time finding the right products that will benefit your skin.


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