Attract Men With Subliminal Attraction

Elizabeth Taylor knows the power of red!

Elizabeth Taylor knows the power of red!

It is obvious that men generally are attracted to a woman for her physical appearance, her pretty face, that she is attractive as her hair smells nice and is clean, that her appearance is well groomed and that she is relatively fit, has a great sense of humor, has confidence and intelligence these things are very common as part of the attraction for a man to a woman. There are subtle ways in which you can attract his attention and to perceive you as more appealing or attractive on a subliminal level.

Subliminal attraction with the color red

It has been proven that the color red when worn by a woman is unconsciously seen by men as more attractive and sexy therefore is more desirable to them more so than any other color. What has also been found through research is that men have a tendency to sit closer to a woman that is wearing red, and they would also ask more intimate questions as they are desiring her attention in more ways than one!

What is also interesting  to note is that men are more likely to ask a woman on a date if she is wearing red, and are more willing to spend money on a date with her if she is wearing red. What is also noted is that red is a sexually arousing color which is deeply rooted into the subconscious mind. Men get aroused sexually when the are with a woman that is wearing red.

Subliminal attraction with scents

It has been found that men really get aroused to the scent like vanilla, lavender and cinnamon. And strangely more so to vanilla and lavender mixed in with the smell of pumpkin!. What you can do is make your own personal blend of this scents simply by soaking a vanilla pod in some jojoba oil, a cinnamon stick in jojoba oil, leave them to soak for a week, then you will have the essence of the vanilla and cinnamon where you can create your own signature blend from adding into another bottle some of the vanilla bean extract in jojoba and the cinnamon stick extract in jojoba then add some lavender essential oil drops. This can then become your own signature perfume that you can wear daily to arouse his senses. Or when you are out night clubbing dab some of this arousal blend to yourself and watch how many men will turn to sniff the air as you walk on by!

Subliminal attraction by tilting your head

It has been shown that men find a woman very attractive and feminine when her face is tilted slightly downwards, as tilting her face upward makes a woman appear more masculine and therefore less attractive to men. This also brings their attention to your neck which men see as a very sensuous area of a woman as she gets easily aroused when her neck is kissed. When you are exposing your neck it is a sign to him that you are attracted to him and that you want his attention in more ways than one!

Subliminal attraction with your posture

This is where you have an easy relaxed stance and you appear approachable to do this you need to stand with your feet no further than 6 inches apart and point your toes slightly inward, stand straight with confidence in your posture.

Subliminal attraction with smiles and laughter

This is a great way to get attention when you talk to your friends that you have an easy true smile and you are able to laugh with them. This shows that you are bubbly and friendly and easy to get along with and is seen as very attractive by men. So once you start talking to a man keep the smile on your face make sure that it is real and let your laughter bubble over.

Subliminal attraction with your eyes and lips

It is in your eyes where the attraction lays, so make them your best feature and highlight them with makeup as this is an indication to men of your beauty. Lips also play a major part in subliminal attraction so put some lipstick on, if you wear red then be prepared to receive some comments as men love the sight of red lips as it lets their imagination run wild.

In conclusion

There are so many ways in which you can use subliminal attraction to get a man’s attention in more ways than one. Once you have captured his attention in the red dress you will have the opportunity to use to your advantage the subliminal attraction secrets to get him to really want you. Enjoy these great tips of subliminal attraction to get the man that you want.






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