9 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Have You Gone Through A Break Up And Your Ex Has Been In Touch With You Again, Here Are 9 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back!

False hope… or possibly wishful thinking… Do you have concerns that you are looking too much into signs that there is a possibility that your ex could still be in love with you? Well there are 9 signs your ex wants you back if he does these things.

Just as there are signals that can be disregarded, there are also  that your ex can't help but exhibit.

Regardless how the relationship has ended or what the ex is doing in their life now, you will be able to easily identify and respond to the signals of interest that are being displayed by your ex.

Sudden Communications from your ex.

When this occurs that an ex starts to call again or texts you or emails you after a period of time has elapsed and silence was golden?

There has been a change in their life. Good chance is that your ex has been reflecting upon the relationship in a positive way, and has been thinking of you and this has what made them call you.

If you are interested then do encourage this response, make sure you give little away regarding yourself or don't look too deeply into that single phone call.

Playing it cool is always your best bet when trying to win back an exboyfriend or exgirlfriend.

Your Ex Takes a Sudden Interest In Your Life Again

A guy or girl who's sweating you will want to know what you're up to. When your ex starts asking about your private life – or especially your lovelife – he or she is.

They want to know if the coast is clear for a reconciliation, should they choose to attempt one. When your ex keeps asking you about your circumstances, then take it as a positive sign that your ex does want you back.

The Ex Calls For Your Opinion.

See it this way when someone is over you then they are over you.  No ex will call you to ask for your advice or opinion, and even more so if they are the ones that ended the relationship in the first place.

They would realize this would be the same as leading you on, and they'd go elsewhere for answers. So why would your ex call you for this reason?

They are calling you for a reason to talk again and they use that as an excuse. You are on their mind and they are thinking about you.

Your Ex Shows Up Somewhere They Know You Might Be

Whether it's a party at a friend's house or a place near your job or school, whenever your ex makes an unannounced appearance in order to say "Hey, what's up?" It's always because they're missing you.

They felt the need to come see you face to face, which is an even greater sign of progress than the exboyfriend or exgirlfriend phone call.

Be sure to let your ex know that you are happy to see them once again, but do not show too much excitement. Stay casual, and let your ex chase you.

The Ex Can't Look You In The Eye

To get your ex back you do need to spend time apart, therefore drop out of their sight for a while again.

With this being said, it could be that you do work with each other or have the same circle of friends, therefore this will make contact hard to avoid. If your ex can't look you straight in the eye when this happens?

They don't feel comfortable for some reason… the reason for this is that they are reconsidering their initial break up with you.

The Ex Wants To Meet – Talking is one thing with your ex.

It is completely different when you see them physically. A definate sign that your ex does want you back is when they want to meet face to face with you. It is either your ex does have something to say and talk to you about, or perhaps that they are missing you and are taking the big step forward.

To make the meeting a less nervous occasion it is better to meet at a neutral or casual location. Calm, cool, confident – those three things will always help win back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Friends tell you that your ex is in touch with them. Your ex might try and get you back through your friends as a precautionary measure.

It could be that they speak to your friends, or even their own friends, mutual acquaintances, when an ex goes about it in a roundabout way they are definately wanting to rekindle something with you but do not know how to approach you directly.

The Ex Makes His Single Status Known To You.

Of course when your ex wants you back they will make sure that you are aware that they are single again….  and they'll let you know it very obviously.

When looking for the obvious signs that your ex is interested in you look out for repeated assertions as to their single status.

This is your ex's way of saying "Hey, don't go dating anyone else… because I'm sure not". This is their indicater to you that they do not want you to move on without them.

Your Ex Displays Affection and Is Flirty With You Once More.

This is one of the final signs that they will show you when they want that reconciliation, they will flirt or show affection with you once again.

Of course you can not miss this, as you have already dated this person in the past so you do know the signs well.

You can also reciprocate same, but be wise keep those emotions in check. Getting back together with someone is best accomplished through a series of small steps, rather than giant leaps all at once.

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