9 Signs Your Ex Is Over You

Knowing your ex has moved on.

Knowing your ex has moved on.

When a relationship ends, it can be a very painful experience as it deals with matters of the heart. Sometimes people do make up after a break up and yet there are others where there is no reconciliation in sight at all. What they experiencing are signs your ex is over you without even realizing it.

It is pointless to hold a lit candle  for your ex when you know that your ex is over you for good.  It is far better for you to move on with your life and stop hoping that they will come back to you one day. Umm you do not want to wait forever and miss out on a life for yourself do you. So what you do need to know are the obvious signs and we have listed them for you to explore.

1. New contact number

You have tried calling your ex’s contact number and you find that it has been disconnected, this indicates that they more than likely changed their number, and they have not called you to give it to you. This points out to you that your ex is making tracks to a new life without you.

2. Goes to different places to hang out

What this means is that your ex no longer goes to the same places where you used to go as he no longer wants to bump into you. He chooses to go to different venues as he is on the look out for some one new.

3. Text messages cease

You find that he no longer texts you, like he used to after the breakup this is an indicator to you that he is moving on so it is pointless to inundate with messages. This is where he will more than likely change his number so he does not have to hear from you no more.

4. Emails cease

You find that he no longer is sending you any more emails, jokes, or chatty notes, this is also to show you that they are moving on. It is far better for you to realize this and to start moving on yourself. The more you try to stay in touch the quicker he will phase you out of his life completely.

5. Social Networks

You used to be friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks, what you are finding that you are no longer able to see all of his posts, this is another indicator that he is over you. You could find that he will unfriend or unfollow you so you do get the message that he is not into you no more.

6. He is no longer available

When a person has got over someone it is typical of them to get out and about again, sometimes they will start socializing with friends or go on a holiday, this all signifies that they have moved on and you are no longer on their mind like you used to be.

7. New activities

You hear on the grapevine through mutual friends that he has picked up on new activities in his life, such as he plays golf, does kick boxing, martial arts, your friends inform you that his life is full to the brim with doing other things. This is also a sign that he no longer is interested in you and does not miss you.

8. New wardrobe

What you have found out from friends that he is looking better than ever, they have invested in new clothes and accessories, your friends tell you that you should forget him as he is definitely on the hunt for a new girlfriend. You also find out that he wears cologne something that he never did with you.

9. He is dating again

Ouch this one hurts the most, you have just found out that he is dating again, and you know now in your heart that it will never be, as he has just given you the biggest sign of all, he has moved on and is dating someone new. This in one essence is the best sign for you as you have to accept that a relationship will never be.


After reading some of the signs you would be able to identify with and if this is the case you know now for sure. It can hurt very much, so it is best if you close this chapter on your life for good. It is pointless to try and get in touch with them to ask them if they are sure that they want to move on without you.

Acceptance is the key, once you can accept the obvious it will help you to let go and live your life. After all you do not know who you will meet next it could possibly turn out to be your perfect match!


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