8 Ways To Live Frugal And Be Happy

Today as life gets faster and we seem to be living in the fast lane it is far better to start living life differently. There are ways to live frugal which are more beneficial to your family and of course will also make for happier living.

Ways to live frugal

Ways to live frugal

You may wonder how can that be possible? The answer is simple really. When you choose to live a simpler life, not only do you create more abundance for yourself but you attain more happiness as you are eliminating stressors in your life.

Here we have 8 ways to live frugally and be happy at the same time.

1. Home

Are you finding that your house is too big, then you can down size to something that is more comfortable this will save you on costs in more ways than you could image, and cleaning time will be less also.

House too small, start to de clutter, keep only the things that you need and want, mementos etc. Basically what you do not use or have not used for a long time then let go of it and sell it on eBay or have a garage sale.

2. Food

Start healthy living by buying fresh food for yourself  and the family, forget the frozen prepacked heat as you go meals, cut down on outings to restaurants and take aways, buy your food in bulk and share costs with other family members.

3. Cars

Consider down sizing the cars that you own or start to eliminate the cars and keep one only. There are other cheaper modes of transport to get around in. You could get to work using a car pool or you can get the kids to school by walking, or get your bike out of the garage and use that to get out and about, this will get you fit in no time and you will have extra money in your pocket as you are not spending it on petrol, car insurance, car repairs etc.

4. Electricity consumption

Make sure that you always switch off any electrical units that are not in use at the power point. Change your light bulbs to energy saving ones, do not leave your home lit up like a Christmas tree only leave lights on where required. Teach your children to get into the habit to switch of at the power point.

5. Grow your own vegetables

By composting all your vegetable scraps you will end up with a rich soil why not use this to start growing your own vegetables, not only will you end up with fresh vegetables but it provides you with a new hobby for you and your family.

6. Outings

It is far better to take the family on an outing to a picnic, or going to a lake, river, waterfall or beach for a great day out. Not only will this cost you next to nothing but it becomes a day to share with nature and all the beautiful things that come with it. You can also go exploring the sites that you choose to visit.

Museums and other places of interest usually have free entry. So look up these places on the internet and organize outings to these places. Why not invite family and friends along too.

7. Library

Your local library no doubt will have many of the latest DVD’s for you to explore, not only that they also stock the latest in magazines, CD’s toys for kids, computer software, books galore. This could become a  weekly event for the family to go and get the best out of the library on what it has to offer.

8. New or Used?

Are you looking for new stuff whether it be furniture, clothes, shoes etc. then check the net for used goods first, go to garage sales etc. There are many ways that you can obtain things for yourself and the family simply by looking into other avenues, prior to going ahead and buying it brand new.

Who knows somebody could have bought something and now they no longer want it and are selling it cheap on the internet also remember the freebies site as you never know what people are giving away.


Now that you are choosing to live more frugally, you find that you are saving money and living life easier, you are also finding that it is becoming more enjoyable as you are going back to simple living and being content with the simple things in life. You also realize that you are far happier with simple frugal living.


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