7 Signs Your Ex Misses You

The Ex message You have experienced a break up of your relationship and now your ex has been in touch with you again, yet you are not sure where they are coming from and whether they really do miss you. What you need to know are the signs your ex misses you. And if this is the case then you can safely start to assume that there is a possibility to get your relationship back on track.

Since he has contacted you what you are finding is that it is hard to move on and you are tempted with thoughts that getting together is the best thing to do.

Here we have 7 signs your ex misses you and more than likely wants you back.

1. Dating

When an ex still likes you and does miss you, they will avoid dating someone else at least for a period of time. If by chance they do go on a date with someone else it would be in secret as they do not want to hurt you, so they will flaunt the fact that they are single, but they are definitely not ready to mingle, this leaves the door open for you to re enter they are showing you also that you still hold residency in their heart and they are willing to wait for you.

2. Contact

You find that you are getting calls that are awkward from your ex, they call you to say they got the wrong number, or mumble into the phone, or they will listen to your voice, or give you a tingle to find out how you are. They also reveal signs that they are missing you on their Facebook with status updates such as “my life is so boring and empty” “miss loving you, loving me” etc. He also will link your song on their public page, or they will start to go to the places that you both spent time at.

You also find that when you have bumped into each other that they have been very warm and friendly with you, more than you can remember. Also you are finding  that your ex speaks in a very soft tone and whispers caringly and lovingly to you even when both of you are only friends, this indicates that they still have so much love for you.

3. Talks about his feelings and memories

If you find that your ex is calling more often and talks about the old relationship or where you both went wrong, or how much they loved you while they were dating you, or anything that will make your heart feel his romance for you, he does this to soften your heart and worm his way back in. He will also mention happy moments that you shared , and any special events of significance this is to remind you that you did love them and to stir your feelings up for them again.

4. Private investigator

Another sign that your ex misses you is when they play private investigator, and they know all about you, they will source this information from friends, they are keeping an update on all your movements because they want you back in their life.

Any friends that you share will more than likely end up telling you that your ex has been in touch and he has told them how much they miss you and want you back in their life.

5. Drunk escapades

You find that your ex has called and they sound very inebriated and they are telling you that they rang to see if you are ok , that they still love you, alcohol fuels bravado. They carry on in a drunken slur what they still feel for you. As if they were in a sober state there is no way that they could tell what they are telling you when they are drunk.

6. Serendipity

You find that lately you have been bumping into each other more often at unexpected places, what is most likely happening a mutual friend is keeping them posted of your where abouts so he is able to create these “serendipity” moments in your life. This is a big sign that your ex wants to walk straight back into your life again.

7. Tells you that he misses you

This is the biggest sign of all that your ex wants you back. They tell you that they miss you and all the great moments that you shared between each other, they express warmth in their words when they speak to you. Then what you need to do now that you know your ex wants you back whether this is what you really want.


In the end of it all when you have found out that your ex does still miss you and would love to resume a relationship with you, it is far better that you do go slowly rather than rush in and then have your regrets.

It is far better to talk through the issues of why the relationship ended in the first place and see if you both can compromise and realize for both whether this relationship should be resumed as you both aim to have a healthy and loving relationship and if this is not on the cards it is better to let go and remain as friends.


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