7 Scientific Ways To Know He Likes You

Know he likes you if he matches his pace to yoursProven Ways To Know If He Likes You

He flirts with you, he notices you, he talks to you, he may have even bought you a drink – but how do you really know if he likes you? Men a strange and mysterious creatures – don't let them tell you that we are the confusing ones! It can be very difficult to read the signs and know that he is interested in you or not. Here are seven ways to help you figure it out, and they are backed by science so if you can see these signs in a man, chances are high that he considers you more than a friend.

1. He matches his pace to yours

If your guy is walking at a pace that matches yours, it shows he is attracted to you. It doesn't just happen when you're holding hands either, its whenever you're walking together. So if you like a guy, take a stroll with him. Does he match his pace to yours? Men don't do this when they are walking with friends. If you want a little more evidence, you can check out the details of the science behind this phenomenon.

2. A guy will face you

If he is always lining up his toes to match yours when you're talking, chances are he likes you a little more than just as a friend. Don't keep looking at his feet to make sure!! You know when a guy is facing you. A general rule of thumb is that if his body is facing you every time you get together he is into you.

3. He has sweaty palms

Not the easiest thing to suss out – if a guy has sweaty palms he isn't going to want to necessarily hold your hand, but sweaty palms are not only a sign of nervousness on a date, its also a sign of attraction.

4. He tells you his secrets

When a guy has deeper feelings for you, he will talk more freely with you. Research has shown that if a man is looking at you as more than a friend he will speak more openly about things that are bothering him.

he makes eye contact how do you know if he is interested5. He maintains eye contact

Not the easiest thing to do when you're nervous, but good eye contact is an indicator of interest. If he is looking at you regularly and maintaining that contact then chances are good that he is seriously keen

6. He imitates you

Imitation is the highest form of flattery – turns out its an indicator that a guy likes you too. If a man is saying similar things or he is copying your gestures, it means that he is keen on you. Check out this article from the Journal of Non-Verbal Behavior for more information.

7. He fidgets when he talks to you

If a guy is playing with his hair, fidgeting with his drink, touching your hand, he is into you. When men are attracted to the opposite sex they can behave just like we do – they fidget! It happens because we are nervous, and playing or fidgeting is also a sign of attraction. There is a report on the biology of attraction you may like to read up a little more on why he fidgets when he is interested in you.

So there you go, seven scientifically proven ways to tell if a guy is into you… no more trying to figure out if he is just shy or if he is flirting with all the girls because that is his style. With these handy tips you can separate who is into you and who is a natural flirt without getting into an awkward situation.

What Signs Do You Look For To Know If He Likes You?

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