5 Weekend Activities For Under $50

Stop The Cries of "I'm Bored Mom" Before They Start

If you’ve had a busy week of school, work, sport, lessons, ballet and ballgames you’re ready to relax with your family on the weekend. We will show you how to fit more into your weekend without blowing your budget. Have some fun family time, relax with your partner and kids and get more for less than $50.

We give you ideas on outings that both kids and adults will enjoy, taking the stress out of coming up with something to do. These ideas won’t have everyone coming back home after twenty minutes either complaining about being bored again after costing a small fortune.

Your only job now is just to get out there and have a good time!

Family Baking or Cooking

weekend activities for under $50 - baking cookies Ok so this might not immediately jump out at you as a stress free activity, but look at it as an opportunity to do something as a family. How often do we simply throw something together for the evening meal or worse still grab fast food on the way home from those after school commitments kids seem to rack up faster than we do? Take time on a weekend afternoon to plan an evening meal. You can even shop (for the very brave parents out there) for your ingredients.

Generally kids love to cook, and they love to spend time with you. It’s important to set the ground rules at the start – that everyone helps to clean up as you go. This way you won’t be left with a mountain of dishes while everyone else eats up.

You’ll teach your kids about nutrition, help them learn about the process of cooking and you’ll sit down to a communal family meal around the table at least one night a week.

Alternatively you can spend the day baking – you’ll fill your freezer as well get the chance to taste test a variety of goodies all day long!

Indoor Game Day

An indoor game day can be a great way to have quality family time. Let each member of your family choose a game and simply start playing! You can have a schedule allocating when you will play each game – such as games for the younger children in the morning before they nap or you can simply choose as you go along.

Games don’t have to be limited to board games either – you can have wii competitions, play twister, charades or even do a jig saw. Some of those monster jigsaws can keep a family going for more than just a day.

Not only is this family bonding time free (unless of course you splurged and bought a new board game) but it teaches your children the value of fair play and sharing.

If the weather is great outside you can organize a family outdoor game day too – join up with other family members such as grandparents or cousins and plan a day of ball games or similar.

Movie Theater at Home

When the weather outside is blowing a gale get cozy with a movie night. (Or day as the case may be) Everyone in the family can choose a movie and take turns in watching it.

You can make popcorn and buy sweets to make the movie session feel more real and if the kids want to get creative they can make their own movie tickets – no ticket no admission!

If you don’t have movies, or the kids are tired of the selection that they have, you can rent them cheaply or consider borrowing them from a neighbor. Get pillows and blankets and let the kids cozy up for a real life movie theatre experience at home at half the price.

Get Out Of The House

If you want to get out of the house you should look into museums. There are often a wide variety of different museums in your local area, check out the site www.childrensmuseums.org to find one near you. While some museums may blow the budget of $50 or less to get your family admitted, there are others which are free or offer membership schemes which balance out at less than $50 per visit.

Once you are a member with one museum you may find that you get discounted tickets at other public museums and galleries. Museums for children are aimed at children – and so they will have activities for all age groups and age appropriate material.  If you are concerned that your child might be too old or young give the museum a call as they will best be able to advise you.

Garden Day

weekend activities for under $50 - growing a vegetable gardenIf you love the outdoors planning and planting a garden together might be just the thing to keep your family occupied on the weekend. Not only does the planning and preparation take time, but so does the upkeep so a garden is an ongoing budget friendly family activity.

In a weekend you can easily plan and prepare your garden. The best part about this is there are no limits. You can plan a potted garden, make a wall garden, plant a vegetable garden, create a side garden or a window box. The list is endless. All you need is a little space, some creativity and some sunshine.

The upside is, if you plant a vegetable garden and your kids are involved, they might just be willing to eat their produce! What a bonus that would be.

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