5 Etiquette Rules For Internet Dating

By following these etiquette rules for online dating you may become a happy couple in real life! What has been noted that with internet dating too many people are divulging way too much information about themselves online. So how much is too much, where is the line to be drawn.

Etiquette rules

Etiquette rules

By providing too much information you can put your self at risk with a person, you must always keep in mind that the person you are choosing to communicate with is someone that you have never met and do not know! We have listed etiquette rules for internet dating for your perusal.

1. Genuine and authentic

It is important that your profile and photo are genuine and authentic, that is your online self must match you in your real life self and your photo is current. In this way you will not be deceiving any one and you will portray your trueself. This will make it easier for someone who is looking for similar or same as yourself to find you. It also will save you time and effort.

2. Online dating emails to a minimum

When you do meet someone for the first time via online dating website, you would want to exchange some emails prior to meeting them in person, say about two to five. The whole idea is to meet a person, not to become their online pen pal, so do get out there and do go on a date.

3. Common interests

When you are getting to know each other in those first few emails you do want to give forward the best impression of yourself. Do not make too many comments about your physical appearance, especially any that can be perceived as too intimate.

Do not talk about politics right away. It is far better to look for common interests, such as activities that you both can do together, when you do meet. It is also important that you do keep your tone positive or neutral or until you both can understand each others sarcasm and humor.

4. No sexting

What ever you do it is important that you do not go sexting each other. This can put you in a risqué situation. So DON”T

5. Personal details

It is very important that you do not give out any private details of yourself to a person you have just met, such as where you work, your home address, your facebook details etc.

If they are asking for your bank account details etc then do see this as a big warning sign not to go there. This person could be a scammer and just is after your wealth. So be wise with whom you choose to divulge any personal information too.


While the etiquette rules are all common sense for internet dating, sometimes the obvious does need to be pointed out to us. Do be wise with any internet dating site that you choose to visit, and any people that do get in touch with you from the dating sites.

Make sure that you always inform a friend or family member where and when you will be meeting up with someone that you have met on the internet.  Good luck in searching for your true love.



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