10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Ex On Face Book

The relationship is over between you, and you are feeling lonely so you decide that you will go onto Facebook  and think to post your ex. Well before you do something like that there are things that you do need to know and rules you should follow on why you shouldn’t post your ex on face book. Are you ready to find out why then read on…

Post your ex

Post your ex

1. Facebook is not to be used as a diary.

At present you are experiencing what it is like to be on an emotional roller coaster, therefore all your ups and downs should not be made available to the public. It is far better to journal in private. Do have your emotional moments with your close friends. Just do yourself a favour when ever you feel tempted to chronicle every aspect of your break up then do stay away from your computer.

2. Avoid posting breakup songs.

If you really want to hear them that is all fine why not put them onto your iPod instead and go for a walk. You are going through an emotional time and hey the whole world does not need to know.

3. Profile Pic

Now is the time to take down your profile pic of when you were a couple. And whatever you do donot post a message on his wall acting like you are both still friends. Also remove your relationship status.

4. Facebook rebound

This is definitely a no no for you to do is put up pics of you with members of the opposite sex. Also there is no need to message other exes or single friends to state your new singleness. If you are trying to get your ex jealous by doing this all it will show what you are trying to do, and you will not look good for it.

5. Cryptic Notes

There is no need for you to send any cryptic notes regarding your ex or emotional state. Rather it is better that you never post any cryptic notes on Facebook. If you do not want people to know that you are sad etc. then you do not go about insinuating it by making statements such as your blue etc.

6. Friends

Whatever you do don’t get your friends involved. Also do not comment on any wall posts by any of your exes friends. Also don’t make it difficult for mutual friends that you have by forcing them to defriend him just so they can stay in your good books.

7. Trust

There is no need for you to betray the trust your ex has in you. Stay classy. That way if you ever do get together he will have more respect for you.

8. Showdowns

Seriously there is no need for you to try and convince your ex to get back with you publicly nor should you beg for forgiveness. If you really need to talk to your ex then do so, but face to face.

9. Statuses and Photos

Never use statuses and photos to get the point across that you are having the worst or best time ever. Also do not go out of your way to make your ex feel miserable. Also do not assume that they also could be reading your facebook wall, as you should not be reading theirs either.

10. Facebook stalking

This is one thing that you should stop yourself from doing is face book stalking. If you find that you are constantly checking their Facebook page, never leave a comment that you have been there. Far better for you is not to check at all. Also do not write a status about any pics he posts or the life he is living without you.


So there you have it the ten things that you should not do to your ex with facebook. It is far better that you spend this time on yourself, mixing with friends, doing activities that you enjoy rather than keeping track of your ex on facebook.

Far better to get out there and do something more with your life. After all your ex might start to miss you and will no doubt want you back.


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